Three Strikes: Perfect Your Throw Using This Skill-Builder

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In order to master some of the more difficult shuffleboard games out there, you need to build up and perfect your lagging, the term used to describe throwing the puck. This is no easy task, as overthrowing on shorter tables could cost you entire games, while not reaching the foul line on longer boards is often a wasted shot.

In the game Three Strikes, an individual’s lagging skills are put to the test in a game that is fast paced, competitive and genuinely challenging. You don’t play on teams, as each frame is designed to build up individual skill and strength, though as many people can participate as you’d like to include.

The setup is fairly simple, as you start out with three pucks of one color called your “point pucks” and one of a different color called your “multiplier.” The goal is to shoot all of the pucks past the long foul line to collect points based upon the foul zone that your weights land in, with one point if you go past the first foul and two points for surpassing the second line, for example. The multiplier doesn’t score you any points, but can be used at any time during a frame to help advance one of your point pucks.

The second player’s only goal is to surpass the points scored by the person before them. If they fail to beat the first opponent they get one strike. So, essentially, the goal of each frame is to beat the previous player, not necessarily get the best score at the end of the game.

Once a player gets three strikes, he or she is removed from the game and loses. Because players with more skill at lagging have the advantage here, two unevenly matched opponents will result in a quick game, so play with a group rather than one-on-one to make the tournament a little more interesting.

After mastering Three Strikes, you’ll be a champion on any shuffleboard table.

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