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Top 5 Games Related to Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard Family Tree: Some of the More Interesting Branches.

1. Shuffleboard – You know what I mean. The OTHER shuffleboard. Deck shuffleboard like you see in advertisements for cruises and retirement homes. Table shuffleboards slightly oafish ‘brother’.
2. Sjoelen – I won’t pretend I know how to pronounce it and the rules are a little convoluted. Lots of pucks. Big scores. It’s a Dutch thing and I don’t understand. Shuffleboards ‘Dutch Uncle’?
3. Shove Ha’penny – Ha’penny means half penny which is an obsolete British coin. Shove means what it usually means. More turns, more scoring zones, smaller ‘pucks’ but the basic idea is still there. Perhaps the ‘father’ of table shuffleboard.
4. Bowling – Twice removed perhaps but still a cousin, both for the long, narrow butcher block style playing ‘board’ with gutters but also because you can  bowl on your shuffleboard table.
5. Curling – It’s always nice when Great Grandpa can visit from the old country. Seriously, this Scottish variant dates back to at least 1511 A.D., perhaps earlier. In this version, the ‘puck’ is still slid by hand (not a stick or ‘tang’ as in deck shuffleboard) but it’s called a ‘stone’ or ‘rock’ and it’s a solid granite disk weighing approximately 40 pounds.

It was the very first variant on our list that intrigued Henry VIII. He found the game intriguing enough to have wagered on it. We’re not sure how often, but there is actually a record of Henry paying off a 9 pound “shovillaborde ” debt to Lord William. That really brings history to life, doesn’t it?



shuffleboard pucks and a curling stone

Shuffleboard pucks and a curling stone . . . distant cousins?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Games Related to Shuffleboard

  1. Travis says:

    I was wondering if you could help me. My wife suprised me with a used shuffleboard table. Her heart was in the right place. But it didn’t come with the 1-2-3 lines like I’ve seen everywhere. Instead it came with a numbered triangle at each end consisting of the numbers 1-3-10 respectively . Do you know name of game or rules we can’t find any info anywhere. Thanks so much trying to teach the kids the rules.

    1. Todd McClure says:

      Hi Travis, We made these one time years ago but do not think we every put together any rules, google court shuffleboard it is a copy of the style they play on the floor with the sticks, They play the same rules but on a shuffleboard table. I think on our blog their might be an old post for St Petersberg Florida I think the annual court tournament for shuffleboard is held their.

  2. Lori novy says:

    Looking to make shuffle board game on large 3 1/2. Car garage floor. With long sticks. Like on the movie titanic. Live in Wisconsin. Need some inside exercise. It’s cold out there. Have any ideas?

    1. Todd McClure says:

      I would look for out-door sports court type supplier people who put in our paint tennis courts or things like this

  3. Justin B. says:

    Will be ordering my table hopefully by July or August and it will have the lines and curling circles on it. Also plan on getting the bowling set. So three out of five is not bad.

    I also think shuffleboard is a bit like crokinole. I’ll be order one of those as well around the same time.

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