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Introducing Our Tournament II Shuffleboard Table

Did you know our Tournament II shuffleboard table is made in several different wood combinations and colors? In fact, the Tournament II shuffleboard table is a classic design that we did as kind of a take off between the Rock-Ola shuffleboard and old American shuffleboard tables made in the late 1940’s. Our Prestige shuffleboard table is replicated after the design of the most popular American shuffleboard made at that time. We came up with our own style for the Tournament II. It was a customer at one time suggested we add some trim to dress up the cabinet similar the Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables.

Many of the shuffleboard table designs we do at McClure Tables are inspired by our customers. We do not just mass produce cookie cutter styles, every shuffleboard table is truly handcrafted. Your shuffleboard table is handcrafted one at a time after you order the table. If you are not sure of the finish color we are happy to send you wood samples in the mail for you to make your selection to customize your shuffleboard Table. We put together this set on Flicker of these two classic American shuffleboard table designs.

Tournament II and Prestige Shuffleboard Table Set

Feel Free to browse though this set of shuffleboard tables. Follow this link where you can customize and buy a McClure shuffleboard table.

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