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Turn Your Gameroom into A “Boardwalk” Inspired Speak-Easy

Stateside, shuffleboard exploded in popularity throughout the prohibition era, as a favorite game played in the speak-easys of the Atlantic Coast. While the revelers of that era played variations of shuffleboard in private while drinking smuggled whiskey and moonshine, nowadays, the sport can be enjoyed out in the open at bars, clubs and game rooms across the country.

With hit television shows like “Boardwalk Empire” reminding people of the rough-and-tumble days when liquor was outlawed and the best parties were held on the hush-hush, bring some of that old-school gangster flair into your game-room. Whether you have a man cave of your own or even just a den where you enjoy hosting friends, use a shuffleboard to help make the room recall back to the good old days.

You don’t have to wear a tophat or have your female guests dressed like flappers to make the space feel classic and authentic. Match the dark maple of your table with other accents you use throughout the space. A wooden bar with an extra glossy finish of the same kind of wood will make the place feel more authentic and the design scheme more planned out.

As well, hardwood flooring will go a long way in unifying the design scheme. By laying down maple or other dark-wood planks instead of carpeting, you’ll not only help tie the theme together, but you’ll also make the space much easier to clean up should a game get a little rowdy and drinks get spilt.

You don’t want to completely remove the 21st century from your entertainment room – how else will you watch your favorite drama’s about the prohibition if not on your flatscreen? Incorporate a TV somewhere in your room, but make sure your shuffleboard remains the main attraction, as this is what will be dictating the room’s look and bringing your friends together.

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