Use Shuffleboard as the Basis for a New Pub Game

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The game of shuffleboard was developed as a pub activity meant to entertain a rowdy crowd who may otherwise find a more destructive pastime as they drank. That trend continues today, as bars across the country have shuffleboard tables in place to keep patrons entertained and the drinks flowing.

However, you don’t have to go to the bar to play a rousing game of shuffleboard that combines a safe amount of libations. Whether at your favorite watering hole or in the comfort of your own game room, consider turning the activity into a casual drinking game, where the winner gets a free beer.

Start off by organizing a doubles game of knock-off. This involves four players, two on each team. If there aren’t four people in your party, this is a great opportunity to make a few new friends. If you’re playing at home, don’t be afraid to mix company and invite some guests over who you’ve been meaning get to know better.

Have each player hold a regular, full pint of beer in one hand throughout the game. This will create a unique challenge in that your balance will be slightly off kilter. If the beer is put down at any point throughout the game, the offending player either has to take a drink or buy the next round for the group.

You can either raise the stakes by implementing a player takes penalty sips throughout the game, for things like knocking a puck into the alley or even hitting an opposing players puck, or you can simply enjoy the game regularly with the added challenge of keeping the beer from spilling.

No matter how, or where, you play, be responsible, first make sure that nobody is driving home, and avoid drinking in excess, as no one likes playing against a sloppy opponent. The goal of the game in the long run is to enjoy shuffleboard with friends and build your skill.

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