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Wax on, Wax off,” Mr. Miyagi instructed his young protégé, Daniel, in the movie “The Karate Kid.” If only Mr. Miyagi knew that with shuffleboard tables, there is no wax on Wax off. It’s more sprinkle wax on then take the Shuffleboard table sweep and brush the excess Wax off.

Many people are not aware that there are four (4) wax speeds to choose from shuffleboards. Not all speeds of Wax are created equally. For example, Speed 4 is best for shuffleboards that are between 9 feet shuffleboard tables to 12 feet shuffleboard tables in length.

While 12-Foot Shuffleboards and 14-foot long shuffleboard Tables, Speed 3 shuffleboard wax is ideal. Depending on your board finish and pucks, you may find some overlap in these recommended speeds. Speed 2 Wax will work best on 16-foot Shuffleboard tables or 18-foot long shuffleboards.

The best Wax for the longboards, we would recommend Speed 1 shuffleboard wax. For 20-foot shuffleboard tables or 22-shuffleboard tables, use Speed 1 Wax. The official tournament size is the 22-foot shuffleboard table length. The 22-foot shuffleboard table is the size table you would find in most commercial locations, clubs, or bars.

Shuffleboard Wax is available by the 24-pound buckets Speed 1 wax for a more economical solution for clubs or shuffleboard leagues. One thing that is often confusing about Shuffleboard Wax is the term Wax. People often think it is like a paste wax or something you buff on the shuffleboard table. When we use the term wax, we mean the powder or often called dust or salt. The Wax is the stuff you sprinkle on the table, and the puck slides on top of the Wax, not on the playboard itself.

Wax is available in yellow or brown, with the primary difference the base that regulates the speed. The brown Wax uses crushed nutshells. If you have any nut allergies in your family, use the yellow Wax. The yellow Wax uses Corn Meal, and one disadvantage is that during humid days, the Corn Meal can absorb some moisture and affect Wax’s speed.

One other misconception is how to use the Wax for tournament play. They Wax a board only at the start of one game, and it is not allowed to spread out more powder or shuffleboard wax during the gameplay. In Shuffleboard Tournaments, they allow a lot of Wax to gather in the gutter, and it is allowable for the shooter to throw Wax by the hand from the Wax that gathers in the gutter at the end of the shuffleboard table. At the end of each game, you would use a shuffleboard table board sweep to clean the board free of all Wax and start over with Wax’s new light coat. To see more on how to wax a shuffleboard table, see this post here.

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