What makes a company a great place to work?

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Slalom Consulting Thinks They Know . . .

Slalom employees 3 day retreat

Slalom employees relieving stress on a 3 day retreat

. . . and a lot of people agree with them. In fact, over the past decade Slalom has steadily accumulated awards in employee satisfaction, even as the company expanded to over twenty offices situated from coast to coast and abroad as well. They have been honored with  Glassdoors’ Best Places to Work award for  seven consecutive years (2009 to 2016). They have made Consulting Magazines Best Firms to Work For list in 2014 and 2015. They won the Puget Sound Business Journal #1 Best Place to Work 2014 award as well.

Slalom describes itself as an employee “feedback driven company”. They use data from anonymous employer rating sites, like Glassdoor, to keep tabs on employees satisfaction. Often, they will circulate on-line comments among upper management in an effort to keep their employees happy and productive. They know being a great place to work will attract the best possible employees. Slalom feels their Sabbatical Program, annual 3-day retreats and their Philanthropy Fellows Program are a big part of their winning corporate culture.

We think the shuffleboard tables might have something to do with it

McClure Shuffleboard with Slalom Logo

McClure Shuffleboard with Slalom Logo

As Slalom has expanded over the years, they have come to us for custom shuffleboard tables over and over again. Each new Slalom office gets a McClure shuffleboard table for its employee lounge, complete with their logo affixed directly to the playing board. We’ve done so many for them now that we just keep a stack of logos on hand for when they call.

We know there’s more to employee satisfaction than a rocking break room, but we are still thrilled to be even a small part of such a consistently winning formula. After all, you’re judged by the company you keep. Congratulations, Slalom, on yet another prestigious award. We know you deserve them all.

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