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Selecting The Right Shuffleboard Partner

How-To-Select-A-Shuffleboard-Partner-300x300Sure, picking teams can take you back to your schoolyard days, but when it comes to selecting a shuffleboard partner, the perfect choice doesn’t always come down to physical ability. In fact, someone with smarts might have better odds at succeeding on the shuffleboard table. So how do you do it? How do you pick the perfect person to play with? Follow along to increase your ability to win and have fun while playing shuffleboard.

Fun Factor

Shuffleboard has always been a game where the priority has been about fun over winning, so it’s important to have a partner whose spirit matches this sentiment. Try to choose a partner who cares enough to win, but won’t throw a hissy fit when you make a bad move and lose. After all, you want to be able to relax, drink a few beers and unwind amongst friends playing a fun game of shuffleboard.

Knowledge of the Game

In order to play an official game, it’s good to have a partner who has some basic knowledge of what’s happening on the shuffleboard table. Say you are at the other end of the table, you throw a hanger and your partner only scores it as three points, instead of four. While it might not seem like a big deal, it could end up causing you the win.

Note: Someone who doesn’t understand can still be a great partner. If you’re trying to educate someone, you can still have a fun time and feel free to use our shuffleboard rules as your guide for training.

Passion Over Technique

Nothing is worst than having a teammate who can slay on the shuffleboard table, but then they act flippant about the game in general. Whether it’s trash talking your opponents or just not really caring much in general, you don’t want to be associated with anyone who has a sour attitude. Try and pick a partner that has a passion for winning, but doesn’t let it get in the way of a good time.

Always Pick A Shuffleboard Owner

Want to get some extra practice in? Don’t own your own shuffleboard table yet? Picking somebody that owns their own shuffleboard table is always a surefire way to get an advantage. Get some extra practice in on the table before your competition gets there, in addition to the added benefit of your partner’s prowess.

Shuffleboard is a pastime that is all about having a good, clean fun. A great partner will always have this in mind and never chastise you for any bad throws you make. Keep things simple, choose someone that you will enjoy playing with and don’t worry too much about winning. Happy shuffleboarding!

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If You Have a Sports Bar Shuffleboard is a Great Addition

Bar Shuffleboard A Great Addition

Every business person is always looking for ways to enhance their enterprise, from product offerings to superior customer service. For the tavern owner, having a shuffleboard table for your guests is one way to do just that. Because of the relatively small space needed, bar shuffleboard is a great way to maximize the utilization of floor space and increase the satisfaction of your guests. Unlike billiard tables that have felt tops and need significant room for play on all four sides, shuffleboard is relatively low maintenance and can be placed near a wall, out of the way.

With its simple rules, and quick learning curve, shuffleboard presents a uniquely entertaining experience in today’s high tech entertainment world. Like many games of skill the enjoyment factor increases with the level of ability to perform. The experience can be likened to bowling or golf, only within your bar!

Bar Shuffleboard Table

Your visitors and regulars will have an opportunity to get their competitive juices flowing, and will continue to return to your bar to play further competitors of various skill levels. Even once the basics of the game are understood and mastered, a whole new world of strategy becomes more pronounced.

Players will learn that the game may dictate more aggression on the offensive side, or conversely use all of your strategic ability creating a ironclad defense. The exhilaration comes from defeating a competitor not just through the physical skill you develop, but more so, the mental game whereby you implement tactics that confuse and control your opponent.

It is for this very reason why we love the game of shuffleboard so much, and why bar shuffleboard will continue to bring customers into your tavern for a game!

The size and length of the shuffleboard table lends itself not only for bars, but also adds additional tactics for successful game play, making the game even more exciting. Based on a player’s particular skill set, techniques can be developed to use different parts of the playing surface for their advantage.

However, regardless of the skill level of your clientele, bar shuffleboard is not only great for your customers, but also for your business. It can increase the overall experience of your bar, and create fun times for everyone, whilst taking up less space for customer seating. Some of the places that have put in a McClure Shuffleboard can be found here at Places to Play Bar Shuffleboard.

It really is win-win!