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Shuffleboard Buyers Guide SEE ALL POSTS >
Shuffleboard Buyers Guide SEE ALL POSTS >
Shuffleboard Buyers Guide SEE ALL POSTS >
Shuffleboard Buyers Guide SEE ALL POSTS >

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McClure Tables Handcrafted Shuffleboards Sold Direct & On-Line Featured In National Hardwood Magazine

Handcrafted Shuffleboard Tables Sold Direct and On-Line made one at a time in Grand Rapids, Michigan. McClure Tables has been handcrafting shuffleboards for over ten years, and recently, they were featured in National Hardwood Magazine February 2020 print and online edition. Known worldwide for making the most elegant shuffleboard tables in the world, McClure Tables […]

How to find an installer to set up your shuffleboard table?

We offer the service of contracting out the delivery and installation of your shuffleboard table. Why does this service cost more than many e-commerce web sites who advertise less expensive white glove services? Often they are using the same per weight calculations they may use with other furniture or other items that they sell. They […]

Advantages of On-Demand Manufacturing

The general concept behind on-demand manufacturing is that a product isn’t made until a customer orders it. There are some slight disadvantageous to this for the customer such as longer production and delivery times or even a slightly higher price. However, the benefits to products that are manufactured on-demand are significant. Typically the customer receives […]

How Our Employees Make A Difference with Our Customers

What’s the secret behind hiring and keeping high-quality team of woodworkers? Raises. Bonuses. Things that prove you mean it when you say “thanks for all of your hard work” after those longer days. At McClure Tables, we believe that we get what we pay for in our employees and that their motivation means better quality products […]

Why Direct-to-Consumer Businesses are Winning in the Marketplace

Direct-to-Consumer business occurs when the maker of a product sells it directly to customers (typically through e-commerce) without using wholesalers, distributors, and other resellers. This form of business is becoming increasingly lucrative because of the benefits and extra value received by customers. Without middlemen to increase prices along the way, consumers only pay for the […]

Made In China Shuffleboard Tables

Shuffleboard Tables Made in China Consumers know the phrase “Made in China” so well they react with surprise whenever they learn that something they bought was made right here. Now that “Made in the U.S.A.” is making a come back, it’s no longer a quaint echo of the past. American industry is picking up momentum as […]

Hire an Expert to set up and install a Shuffleboard Table

What if Setting up a shuffleboard Table looks too difficult? If you are not the do it yourself type and putting together your own shuffleboard table seems too difficult. You can add to your cart at check out the full service installation and setup. With this service McClure tables staff will arrange a local company […]

The McClure Distributive Economic Philosophy

McClure Tables started as a brick and mortar retail store that sold billiard and shuffleboard tables and other recreational games for 25 years. McClure Tables former name was Game Room Designs. In 1991 Todd McClure started the business in Austin, Texas. Todd has been working on Billiard tables since he was 19 years old. With [...]

How to set up and install a Shuffleboard Table

How to set up a shuffleboard table The first step of setting up a shuffleboard table is un-crate the board and carry the heavy play-field surface into the designated room. Installation of most Shuffleboard Table cabinets are pretty straight forward. Our 12 foot and 9 foot size cabinets are normally shipped in one piece with […]

What to expect with free delivery of your new Shuffleboard Table.

  What does free shipping on a shuffleboard  table include? Included with every handcrafted McClure Shuffleboard Table is free curbside shipping. McClure Tables offers home delivery service for our shuffleboard table at check out. Prices vary by table model, size and end location of table (up or down stairs). All Shuffleboards 12 foot or shorter […]

Compare Where Shuffleboard Tables are Made

How Shuffleboard Tables Are Made Matters Often we think, "So what if a product is imported? I saved on the cost of labor and got a better deal.” Or, "I cannot afford something that is made by hand,factory produced is good enough." This mindset is what leads to consumers getting a lower quality product, and [...]

Shipping Info for Shuffleboard Tables: Here’s the 411

As an online, direct sale shop, shipping is incredibly important to McClure Tables. All of our custom tables come with free shipping. We also provide lift gate service when and where needed. Shuffleboard tables are a unique product from a shipping perspective. For this reason, all tables are carefully and expertly packed by the same […]

Not All Shuffleboard Tops are made with Pure Michigan Hard Maple?

Handcrafted Shuffleboard Tops Made with Pure Michigan Hard Maple When I tell people what kind of business I am in, the first question they ask is,” where do you get your wood?” We get our hard maple almost exclusively from Michigan, from local dry lots. These are the kilns that purchase wood from the saw […]

Is Your Shuffleboard Table’s Playing Surface Really 3” Thick?

While the thickness of a shuffleboard table’s playing surface may not make much of a difference for gameplay at first, thickness can play a huge role in the life, longevity, and gameplay of your shuffleboard table. Though many competing shuffleboard brands state that their playfields are 3” thick, many surfaces often consist of .25” or […]

A Guide To Shuffleboard Sizes And Your Home

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive at McClure Tables is “How much room does a shuffleboard table require?” When it comes to shuffleboard size, tables run the gamut from 9 feet to 22 feet in length. No matter how big or small your home is, it’s possible for us to create a […]

Buying A Shuffleboard Table For Dummies

When it comes to buying a shuffleboard table, it's important to research what type of product you should purchase. Unworthy shuffleboards will leave you craving gameplay that can only be matched by a few basic elements that not every shuffleboard features. These integral pieces make up the basis of our Buying a Shuffleboard Table For [...]

History of the McClure Shuffleboard Tables Brand and Why We Are Made in USA

McClure Tables was founded in 2003 and at that time the brand was used on Pool Tables sold in retail stores in Texas. My name is Todd McClure owner and I first got my start in the billiard business back in the late 70’s in Phoenix Arizona as a billiard mechanic. I ran a retail […]

Shuffleboard Table Video on Handcrafted in America

There was a much simpler time in America when things were made by hand. They still are at this shuffleboard table factory. McClure Tables is located in Grand Rapids Michigan known for it’s rich history in fine woodworking craftsmanship. Michigan has long been known for some of the best maple wood in the world. This […]

Shuffleboard Tables Handcrafted

When we say that we handcraft shuffleboard tables, it is not just a marketing statement. At McClure Tables factory, we employ a small but dedicated team of craftsmen who all take great pride in our workmanship and pay special attention to detail. These are some pictures of our shuffleboard tables in various stages of production. […]

Personalize Your Shuffleboard Table with a Custom Logo

Each McClure shuffleboard table is custom made one at a time. You can choose the size, wood, and finish color for the cabinet. You can even add a personal touch, like a custom logo or graphics, to the playing surface of your shuffleboard. Below are some examples of shuffleboard tables we have made with custom […]