Why Using Both Arms Is Crucial When Shooting Your Weights

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One of the great things about table shuffleboard is that you don’t need years of experience to enjoy a casual game. Most competitive sports require you invest in equipment and lessons to really hone in on your skill, but to play shuffleboard, you only need to have willingness and a playful spirit.

Now just because a casual game can be played successfully without having a great deal of experience, there are still some fun skill builders that you can play to help yourself develop as a player.

Learning to lag your weights with both hands is beneficial to both your stamina and to your game play. First off, by using both your right and your left arm, you are less likely to wear yourself out while repeatedly sending pucks down the alley. This means you can not only play longer, but you can also keep your edge because you haven’t gotten too tired.

However, not everyone is ambidextrous, and most people inherently use the arm that they would bowl or write with to lag the puck because switching hands seems unnatural. For the most part, that is all in a players head, and simply incorporating both arms into your game play should eventually shake you of the habit of sticking to just one.

If you really want to develop the skill on your own time, practice by playing solo rounds of knock-off. A longer model, like the 22 foot Rock-Ola shuffleboard table sold by McClure Tables, is good to practice on because it will not only help build dexterity, but also help you harness your strength and control of the puck.

Basically set your sights on different foul lines along the board and switch colors every round as if you were your own opponent. Either way, whichever team succeeds you will be the winner, and eventually be a masterful player using either hand to shoot the weights down either side of the shuffleboard table.

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  • Hqrry

    Is there a official rule about using side of the board and top of the board. . Can you use switch back. and forth during the same game.

    • Todd McClure

      If you are talking shooting from either hand yes you can switch at will this is up to you the person shooting the pucks

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