How Do You Keep Score In Shuffleboard: Crazy Eight Edition

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If you’ve ever wondered exactly just how do you keep score in the shuffleboard version of Crazy Eight, the wait is over. Shuffleboard tables make such a great addition to any home or business because of the variety of different games you can play on

The Basic Rules of Crazy Eight

Crazy Eight is played with 2 or more people. The game goes on until one of the players reaches an agreed upon number of points (15, 21, or whatever you choose). The first to score the winning number of points isn’t necessarily the winner, as everyone gets to finish their last turn. The winner is then whoever ends up with the highest score after everyone has taken their last turn. If the last player ties with a previous player, another round must be played to determine the winner.


The Scoring of Crazy Eight

The scoring realm is where things get interesting with Crazy Eight. Instead of asking, “How do you keep score in shuffleboard,” you might wonder “How do you score at all?” The first player throws all four pucks of the same color at the same time down the shuffleboard table. All four of them must stay on the board past the foul line. If they don’t, the player has not gotten the opportunity to score and the next person is up.

If the first player does manage to get all four of their pucks to stay on the board, then they are faced with the task of individually shooting all four pucks of the opposite color down the board in order to knock off the original four. After all four original pucks are knocked off, the remaining pucks left on the table are scored.

For example, if a player does not get all of their first four pucks past the foul line, no points are scored. If a player does get all four pucks past the foul line on the first throw, but does not knock them off, no points are scored, whether or not any of the last four pucks are on the board. If a player gets all four first pucks past the foul line, knocks them all off, and has at least one of the final pucks left on the board, points are then finally added and counted.

In this round of Crazy Eight, there would be no score as there is still an original blue puck on the shuffleboard table.

In this round, all of the blue pucks were knocked off the table. That means this round would be scored based on the point system below.

Scoring in Crazy Eight is essentially identical to Knock Off. A puck scores one point if it is located between the long foul line and the two line, two points for pucks completely across the two line, three points for pucks completely across the three line, and four points if it is a hanger. Therefore, the above photo shows a score of seven points.

Learning the basics and asking “How do you keep score in shuffleboard?” are vital to becoming better at any table game. Even if you’re just looking to have a good time, it’s still important to have a basic understanding of the rule. Crazy Eight has some pretty interesting scoring rules, so it’s good to refresh yourself. This way, when you have all your friends over to check out your excellent new shuffleboard table, you can teach them how to play Crazy Eight in a matter of moments!

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