Shuffleboard Tournament Hopes to Raise Money for Hospice of Michigan

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McClure Tables is the proud sponsor of Wandering The World Women’s Shuffleboard Tournament XV. We are building in Michigan with locally grown Michigan hard wood 9 custom made Tournament Shuffleboard Tables to be used in the Tournament this fall. The date for the Tournament will be from September 18th to the 22nd and it will be held at the

VFW Post 6027 located at 815 Turkey Point Rd, North East, MD

We hope to raise money for our local Grand Rapids chapter Hospice of Michigan, in Loving memory of our daughter who passed away three years ago because of cancer. The first year after Wanda passed away, Hospice of Michigan held their annual Walk and Remember event on her birthday, May 22nd. Our local Grand Rapid’s Hospice puts on the annual Walk and Remember event in May, and my wife Judy and her sister have participated every year. We will post some pictures of some past and of the upcoming walk this May 18th. Click here for more information about Hospice of Michigan’s Walk and Remember event.

Keep checking back with this section of our blog for updates on the fund raising progress and for information about the shuffleboard tournament and tables for sale.

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