Bring Shuffleboard to Your Oscar Party

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There are a few times of the year where the man cave, complete with a crazy entertainment system, awesome shuffleboard table and cozy seating arrangements must become a unisex gathering space, and the night of the Oscar telecast is definitely one of them.

Oscar night is a great excuse to get dressed fancy with your friends and family and party like the Hollywood elite. Transform your game room into your own personal Kodak Theater and enjoy the telecast while pretending your in the audience yourself, minus the pressure of having to make an acceptance speech.

Go to the store and purchase a healthy portion of sparkling cider and some plastic flutes so you can toast to your favorite stars when they take the stage to accept the awards. You don’t have to spend millions like the organizers of the elite afterparties on appetizers, dinner and drinks – presentation makes even microwave treats look expensive.

You can play games on your shuffleboard that go along with the show, making bets on who will win that coincide with who takes the next shot. Or, you could even try this fun drinking game:

For each acting category, have five guests pick one of the nominees each, and shoot their pucks down the table like they would in the beginning of a game of knock-off. Whoever gets their puck the farthest without falling off the end of the table will be the predicted winner. If the actor whose name is attached to the winning puck also takes home the Oscar, everyone else has to take a drink, whereas if the award goes to another performer, the guest who predicted incorrectly has to drink.

Of course, you can substitute drinking for other penalties, or even take money bets, but be sure to keep the game as friendly and safe as possible.

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