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Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Tables

McClure Tables now has in production Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables. Bringing back a nostalgic table that was only produced in 1947 and 1948. After researching the table, McClure Tables noticed that it was never trademarked. And although several distributors and manufactures make a design that is similar in style, most failed to replicate every detail, like the inlayed green glass and authentic stainless steel trim. McClure Tables has made the Rock-Ola even better than the original by using genuine leather for the horse collar pad instead of vinyl as used on the original antique tables.

They use the same maple board playing surface but with better construction techniques and lifetime warranty traditional finish with a canalized hardener, that is much better than the traditional varnish used on the original Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables. McClure tables also offer their lifetime polymer finish on the top with final decals or logo and commercial use. This is the same finish as used in professional tournaments  for the modern game of knock off it is a widely acceptable playing surface.  The Rock-Ola shuffleboard by McClure Tables was introduced in a professional tournament, the Texas State open, this past labor day weekend.

“We got a lot of positive feedback from all the professional players at the tournament. In Fact, the owner of the Post was so impressed he bought all three of the tables from us that he will use in his main shuffleboard tournament room.” said owner Todd McClure. You can visit the post and play on one see this post here for places where to play shuffleboard to find out more.

You can own now own a classic Rock-Ola shuffleboard for your home see all the options and Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Tables here.

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