Shuffleboard Tables

Shuffleboard Tables Custom Made out of Barn Wood


We first started this table with the first photo shot here 100 year old plus reclaimed barn wood. This was taken from barns torn down through out the USA. We hand pick and select the wood we’ll use to handcraft our custom shuffleboard. This was made for a customer who had a lodge in Colorado that was also made using a lot of reclaimed barn wood. The beams in the home match perfect with this shuffleboard. It is like it was made to fit into this home. We thank our customer for providing us of these pictures of the finished product in his home. It was a pleasure to make and craft this table for his needs. We are working on two more of these tables right now and should have some more pictures of them in a few weeks

Michigan is where all the maple wood is and where some of the best furniture manufacturing craftsmen in the world are. That is why we proudly handcraft each one of our shuffleboard tables in Grand Rapids facility.

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Hi, the picture of the barn board table did not appear. Could you please send me a couple, I am interested in a reclaimed table, thanks,

the length of the space I have is limited. Can you build a rebound (aka snap back) shuffleboard table ? Is there a way to call you ?

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