What Does It Take to Set up a Shuffleboard Table?

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We got this email from a customer and just had to share her comments and the picture album she gave us about the installation. We generally try to hire people who are in the billiard and game room equipment business to contract out for our installations.

Customer Email:

Todd and Mark,

Here’s the crew you hired for me, Mike is second from the left.
I was a little apprehensive at first because they had to get down a fairly steep slope to the deck.
But they put my worries to rest as soon as I opened the trailer and they set to work.
They were great; very efficient and entertaining. They couldn’t gave been nicer.
It looks great. Can’t wait to play!

Thanks for everything,


Below is a slide show of the installations taken by our customer:

We really appreciate the time she took to document the process. You can see from the first picture how we ship out our tables, the heavy part the board play surface is put in a crate. Then the cradle boxes are strapped on top of this crate for safe transportation. The first step is to remove the cabinet or commonly called shuffleboard cradle off of the top of the crate. Then you should install and set up the shuffleboard cradle in the room or location where you plan to have your shuffleboard.

Once you have the cabinet all set up and in place you then remove the top of the crate and carefully remove the play surface. Many shuffleboard companies simply send you a board and you have to install the climatic adjusters and do a lot more work. At McClure Tables, we install the climate adjusters on all our tables at the factory, and tune and adjust the board before we ship it out. You should only have to level the cabinet and do some fine tune adjustments to the climate adjusters to your personal preference, for more information see this page here about how to adjust a shuffleboard.

These guys really knew what they were doing the best way to handle a heavy shuffleboard top is upside down with the climatic adjusters up in the air. You should also leave the packing paper on the top until you roll over on the edge and get ready to place into the cradle. You should put some blankets or something on the side of the cradle to protect it while you rest the shuffleboard play surface on the edge then roll into place.

That is about all there is to set up a shuffleboard table now you are ready to do the quality control testing and slide a few pucks to see how the board plays. If you do not like the way the pucks are playing you may have to do some minor adjustments to the climate adjusters or leg levelers on the shuffleboard table.

Sue, thank you so much for the pictures and your email. We appreciate your business.

Todd McClure

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