Find Common Ground in Your Home’s Interior Decor

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Finding common ground is hard for a lot of young couples, especially when they have just moved in together and are trying to decide on a look for their new home’s interior that appeals to both of their tastes. Historically, it’s the lady of the house who has the biggest say in what the space looks like, as she would be the spouse who spends the most time maintaining the space. Times have changed dramatically, however, and both partners in most relationships share the responsibility of both providing for and taking care of the home. This means that men, more than ever, have a larger say when it comes to interior design and the look that they want for their household.

Compromise isn’t impossible, however, as homeowners can easily infuse their home with accents that reflect characteristics of both genders. Industrial cues like chrome couch frames or coffee tables made from butcher block are interesting pieces that both men and women can get behind.

According to The Finishing Touch Blog, an online style guide, “equestrian hues” are a macho touch that is extremely en vogue right now. You can inject your room with a bevy of these by using aged leather designs, like lodge-style armchairs and couches, in your living room or den – even consider leather paneling on a wall or two to give the room a more cavernous, serious look.

A Veneto shuffleboard from McClure Tables is another piece of furniture that you can put into your house that both genders will love. You can purchase this very sleek looking table in a number of shades that are considered equestrian hues, and the sculptural design of the table make it a fitting piece whether placed in a formal living room or your home’s game room.

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