Use a Montana Shuffleboard to Enhance the Look of Your Vacation Lodge

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With winter coming to a close, many Americans are beginning to make plans for the upcoming warmer weather. For some, that includes spending the spring and summer at a vacation house.

Since these properties have probably been sitting dormant for the past few months, they are probably more than ready for a solid freshening up before their owners settle back in for the season. This means that while you are already focused on spring cleaning your primary residence for the season, you should also add sprucing up your vacation house to your checklist.

Many people enjoy retreats that take them to more rural areas where they can enjoy the great outdoors. If you have a home that is nestled in the woods, either by the shores of a lake or up in the mountains where you can really get some peace, consider giving your quiet retreat an aesthetic overhaul when you open it up for the next few months.


Montana Lodge Style Shuffleboard handcrafted

There are many ways to give your vacation home a more natural, almost hunting lodge look. One interior design treatment that doubles as a recreational activity is an authentic looking Montana shuffleboard sold by McClure Tables.

These designs are made from the finest American cedar so that they capture a lodge design. Our expert craftsmen carve the pieces of these tables by hand using whole logs, though these tables still include all of the modern design benefits of a more traditional McClure shuffleboard.

Since this is your vacation house, you can place the table in a central location of the house without having it interfere with the leisurely nature of the interior design. Your guests will love it when they come to visit and the table will add another activity to your household that your family can enjoy.

Montana Lodge Style Shuffleboard Table 

Montana 22 foot Shuffleboard Table made with real pine lodge logs

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