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Playing shuffleboard comes complete with its own language, and shuffleboard accessories are no different. The curious thing about shuffleboard is that some accessories have multiple names, even though they all refer to the same thing. It could be a regional thing, or it could come down to personal preference. Any way you look at it, you should know what your opponents are referring to when they talk about sprinkling shuffleboard tables with cheese. Read on to discover some of the many terms you’ll see when it comes to shuffleboard accessories!


Shuffleboard Bowling 10 Pin Set

Bowling Pins: Turn your shuffleboard table into a miniature bowling lane instead with a set of bowling pins. These shuffleboard accessories let you expand the use of shuffleboard tables so you can have an even greater time.



Light Kit

Light Kit: Shuffleboard tables need illumination too. Our lamp kits can be easily mounted to the side of most shuffleboard tables. This way, your shuffleboard domination will be plain as day for all to see!



Pro Shuffleboard Table Weights

Pucks: These shuffleboard weights are the ultimate shuffleboard accessories, considering you’d be unable to play on shuffleboard tables without them! Pucks are generally made out of metal and plastic. Blue and red are the most common colors, although you will see others. Regulation size pucks are 2 and 5/16 inches, although other sizes can be used. (See also: Weights, rocks, or quoits).



Score Bead Set

Score Bead Set: If the score bead set looks like an abacus to you, that’ s because it is. Who knew shuffleboard tables had a connection to ancient history? The abacus is the perfect way to keep shuffleboard score, as these shuffleboard accessories provide a quick visual reflection of your points. The McClure set particularly is designed to score many popular shuffleboard games that play to 15 or 21 points.




Score Unit: If the abacus is a little too old-fashioned for you, a digital score unit will do you nicely. According to Wikipedia, the digital score unit for shuffleboard tables was invented in 1974 by Reginald Charles Gilchrist, who was then-president of Universal Shuffleboards. Now McClure Tables is proud to offer their own, in various finishes including Black, Chestnut, Mahogany, and Natural Cognac.




Shuffleboard Cover:
Shuffleboard tables get cold too. Protect the surface of your table with shuffleboard covers. These shuffleboard accessories serve that purpose for any shuffleboard table. At 31 inches wide, these fit all McClure tables and most other standard tables as well.


Wax: Shuffleboard wax is one of the strangest, as well as most useful, shuffleboard accessories. Why strange? Well, simply because even though it’s called wax, shuffleboard wax is actually not wax at all. Rather, it is made up of tiny beads of silicone that resemble sand or grated cheese more than anything (hence the other names). The beads serve the same function that ball bearings do, and allow for decreased friction so pucks slide swiftly and easily. Wax comes in different speeds for different sizes of shuffleboard tables. (See also: Powder, sand, and cheese).

Who knew there were so many shuffleboard accessories with unique purposes? If you love shuffleboard tables, you can definitely show it in many ways. From accessories that give you control over the actual playing surface (climate adjusters, shuffleboard wax) to fun additions to the game (bowling pins, score bead set), there’s plenty to learn in shuffleboard world. Now get to playing with your newfound knowledge and school the shuffleboard newbies on the true reason wax is sometimes also known as cheese.

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