How to Give Your Shuffleboard Multiple Functions

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One of the hardest times people have with the shuffleboard tables they put into their homes is finding the perfect room to fit them in. Since many of these tables are more than 12 feet long, if they aren’t situated correctly, they could take up an unnecessary amount of space in a room that could be filled with other kinds of furniture. However, if you are smart about how you arrange your shuffleboard, you greatly enhance the space and even the potential uses for the table.

Make sure to put your shuffleboard in a room with a long wall that currently doesn’t have any furniture along it. Your best bet is to put the shuffleboard flush against this wall or at least as close as you can get without banging your elbow every time you take a shot. This way, because shuffleboard tables aren’t very wide to begin with, you take up minimal square footage and can incorporate lots of other furniture into the space.

Best of all, when you line up the shuffleboard along a side wall, you can adapt it to other uses when you aren’t playing. For example, at McClure Tables we sell shuffleboard covers that you can put on your table, like the dinning top seen on this Ponderosa table, that can turn your shuffleboard into a banquet-style buffet table. This way, if you are hosting a holiday or simply having a get together with friends, you can start the evening off by serving food on the shuffleboard, then once everyone has eaten, clear it off, remove the dining top and start a tournament.

This makes a shuffleboard the perfect investment for your household no matter what room you choose to put it in.

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