McClure Tables Approved: Made In Michigan Products Part 1

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McClure Tables creates handcrafted shuffleboard tables and butcher block products right here in Grand Rapids, MI. We are proud to be part of the “Made In Michigan” movement that has Michiganders thinking and shopping local. Regardless of the buy local mentality that exists today, we call Grand Rapids home because it’s been a mecca for the furniture making industry since the mid 1800’s and is still going strong today. Check out 5 more made in Michigan products that are “McClure Tables Approved”.

Detroit Popcorn

Detroit Popcorn has been a Detroit staple since 1923 providing the highest quality and variety of snacks that are hard to put down.
Try the cheese corn as it’s perfect for a game of shuffleboard (don’t confuse it with the shuffleboard table cheese though!).


Chateau Grand Traverse

A 2nd generation, family owned winery located in Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, MI provides both a uniquely amazing wine and an unmatched experience as wineries go. Pair this with your favorite gourmet cheese for any occasion (chopped on a famous McClure butcher block cutting board of course!).


Sanders Fine Chocolates

If you’re from Michigan, it is almost impossible to not have enjoyed what could be considered the 9th wonder of the world, Sanders hot fudge. Sanders has been a Michigan tradition since 1875 and remains a staple in any Michigan dessert to this very day.


Hy’s Cider Mill

While there is an absolute plethora of quality cider mills, Hy’s Cider Mill located in Romeo, MI has certainly been a favorite of the McClure Tables staff. Known for their sweet and savory apple cider and world famous honey crisp apples, there have been many-a-game of shuffleboard played while drinking a glass of cold and warm apple cider.


Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

What started out as merely an idea, has turned into a full blown three location operation based on the concept that different coffees have different needs. With this methodology in mind, the good folks at Great Lakes Coffee treat each blend and cup of coffee they serve with the same attention to detail towards their craft that we put forth when creating our shuffleboard tables and butcher block products.


These are just SOME of our favorite made in Michigan products, check back for part two shortly to see our next product spotlights. We try to embody the Michigan way with everything that we do! Check out our full line of butcher block products and shuffleboard tables.

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