McClure Tables Featured In Woodworker’s Journal

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At McClure Tables we focus on a couple of core elements that make us unique within the woodworking industry… craftsmanship and an insatiable thirst for creating quality shuffleboard tables and butcher block products. We’re proud to have been featured in the October edition of the Woodworker’s Journal eZine which focused on Todd McClure’s rise within the woodworking industry. Todd was interviewed for “Today’s Woodworker” which is a monthly Q&A interview that spotlights craftsman who excel amongst their peers.

In this spotlight, Todd dives deep into how he makes his wide variety of butcher block products including butcher block countertops, butcher block kitchen islands and gathering blocks, butcher block cutting boardsbutcher block chopping blocks and our renowned shuffleboard tables using a variety of tools and tricks he has picked up over the years. It’s a great opportunity to take a peek into the mind of a master craftsman and woodworker!

“I’ve sold people things my whole life, and there’s a certain amount of pride in selling somebody something you had a hand in yourself. Now, as a manufacturer that sells my own stuff, I feel like it’s the best of both worlds. When you build it yourself, you’re in charge; you’re in control.”



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  • Mary

    I recently found and bought an old Gate Leg table. Unsure of the type of wood, but on one of the removable leaves there was a shipping paper that said from __ALCON MFG. Co, Big Rapids, Mich.
    I just wondered if I could find out more about the history of this table. My grandmother had one just like it…years ago…which is one reason why I wanted this old table….

    • Todd McClure

      Check with Grand Rapids Museum they have a furniture section

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