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Labor Day 2020 A Tribute To American Worker Celebrate with American Made Shuffleboard Tables.


Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions of the American Worker. Did you know that a Carpenter started labor Day? Peter J McGuire a Carpenter and labor union leader, was the person who came up with the idea for Labor Day. He thought the American workers should be honored with their own day. He proposed the idea to New York’s Central Labor Union early in 1882, and they thought the holiday was a good idea.

We seem to have forgotten the labor in America that produces stuff, not just assembles things. At McClure Tables, we could not do what we do without the work of our craftsmen. We have four master Craftsmen that three would be journeymen carpenters, and one is a finish master technician. In Celebrating the American worker, you may be proud to know that all our workers make carpenters Union hourly salaries. We have no nonskilled workers or factory assembly line workers that handcraft our Shuffleboard Tables. The same craftsmen who built your table also sanding of the cabinet and maybe the one who does the final packing and carpet

Many of the companies who claim to Make American Made Shuffleboard tables are like so much manufacturing in America anymore they don’t make anything. They assemble it. You will find virtually every Pool Table, Billiard Manufacture, and Game Table manufacture now also offers shuffleboard tables in their Game table offerings. However, do they make all the parts or build the cabinet? Most of them create the cabinets and buy the butcher block Shuffleboard Playing surface. Some even import many of their cabinets and parts.

If you already own a McClure Shuffleboard Table, the team of craftsmen thanks you for your support. Perhaps you can share our Labor Day sale event with a friend or neighbor, and if you need some shuffleboard table supplies they are on sale for our annual Labor Day sale event.

McClure Tables Started in the Gameroom business as a retail dealer of all this type of Gameroom Equipment. We eventually expanded into contract manufacturing and then settled in on exclusively manufacturing American Made Shuffleboard tables over ten years ago. One of the coolest parts of focusing only on the Shuffleboard tables is 90% of everything we make starts with locally grown harvested and kiln-dried hardwoods. We source our Hard Michigan Maple to make our play boards from local sources, and from the area where the tree grows to where the American Made Shuffleboard Table is crafted is less than 150 miles. So as we celebrate this labor day in 2020, keep in mind the American Worker and how you can support that worker buying not just American Made but American Crafted products. Products made from scratch using raw materials are locally crafted with small shops and sold directly to the consumer. Just buying something with the American Flag and a sign that says made in the USA may not be supporting the American worker. You may help lower-wage assembly jobs, not high skilled labor like journeymen carpenters. See some of our woodworkers and artisans in action below. As always, to honor this celebration, McClure Handcrafted Shuffleboard Tables are on sale for Labor Day going on now through September 14th. See our inventory of In Stock Labor Day Sale Shuffleboard Tables here.

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Shuffleboard News

Custom Made Shuffleboard Tables Installed in Chicago Area

We were just in Chicago yesterday to deliver and install a custom made McClure Tournament II shuffleboard table in traditional mahogany finish. McClure tables does not just custom build a few models every shuffleboard table we make is custom crafted. This customer had some questions about the height or clearance under his shuffleboard table because of the area where he wanted to install the table had a couple obstructions in the basement. We had 26″ to work with under the table and 69″ in height to work with below the score unit. We did some measurements and a few emails back and forth and customized the shuffleboard table to fit his needs. See the Gallery below to see how we were able to accommodate this customers needs.


Enjoy a game of bowling on your shuffleboard table.


Tournament II 16 foot in Traditional Mahogany finish.


The bottom of the table is clearing the brink obstruction.


Bowling Game can be bought for any custom handcrafted shuffleboard table..

While in Chicago we also stopped by a couple satisfied customers to service their Shuffleboard Tables. On this table here the Veneto this customer came to Michigan and picked up his table but saw the hand marked shuffleboard tables in our shop. He liked the way we hand stamp and do the numbers by hand on the old Rock-Ola antique shuffleboard tables and restorations so we swapped out his silk screen board for one custom marked to  his design.

Veneto Custom Made Shuffleboard in Deer Creek Classic.


Veneto custom made shuffleboard table with large score unit and lamp kit.


Veneto 14 foot custom made shuffleboard table.


Our last stop was to adjust the board in a real nice game room with a hand crafted bar, big screen TV, poker table, antique Brunswick Arcadia pool table and a McClure custom made shuffleboard table. Every piece in this room from the shuffleboard table to the custom made bar was first class craftsmanship.


Nice antique Arcadia Pool Table went real well with custom made McClure Shuffleboard.


McClure Custom made Tournament II shuffleboard in Cognac finish.

Gameroom Shot Antique Brunswick Arcadia Pool Table and McClure Handcrafted Shuffleboard

Game Room with Antique Brunswick Arcadia Pool Table and McClure Custom Made Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard table handcrafted McClure Shuffleboards

Tournament II Cognac Shuffleboard Table with electronic shuffleboard score unit.

No matter what your requirements at McClure Tables we can custom craft shuffleboard tables to fit any room or situation. We have even made custom furniture and pool tables so don’t just think of us when it comes to custom made Shuffleboard Tables.