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In 2022 McClure Tables remodeled the offices and the new shuffleboard showroom is now open. The owner of McClure Tables Todd McClure is taking a more absentee role and the company day to day operations are in the capable hands of Sam Mol and Barb Delone. Barb and Sam took upon the first task under their new management to remodel the offices and showroom. They expanded the showroom and picked all the colors and Sam was instrumental in hiring subcontractors from Carpet to ceiling tile or Paint. Owners Todd and Judy McClure said ” We so proud of Sam and Barb and how they took on not only the responsibilities to remodel the showroom but ownership of the project”

Barb and Sam in new Showroom

McClure Tables is still a very small shop with a total of only 5 full-time employees and two part-time with one contract employee.  Sam Mol used to be a cabinet maker but now he manages the production. In a small shop, this means he does it all, could be working in the office or out in the shop pitching in where needed.  At times like when McClure Tables glues up playboards, it requires all hands on deck. Sam also often helps with installations and deliveries that owner Todd Mcclure still often assists. In addition to our team of expert woodworkers, we now have Tanner Hilbrand helping with engineering and auto cad design on a contract basis.

When you call or email McClure Tables during the hours we run the Shop Monday-Thursday 6 Am to 4:30 Sam or Barb will answer the calls or emails and take care of your sales or customer service needs. Todd McClure still answers emails and the phone after hours or weekends and does marketing as well. Todd McClure is working on an agrarian venture as he bought a farm in Kentucky and plans to raise organic farm fresh meat. The project is will be a few years in development and the name of the Farm is McClure Licking River Farms.  The website is just a temporary holding placeholder as we have plenty of work to do on both the marketing and farm infrastructure. McClure Farm will start the first year with boiler Chickens but will rapidly add Pork and Lamb with future plans for fresh grass-fed beef.  We will keep you posted in the meantime McClure Tables is under the capable hands of Sam and Barb. Stop by and visit the showroom they are open Monday-Thursday from 6 am to 4:30. One of the things we strive to do in creating the best Handcrafted Shuffleboard Tables available gives our team a quality work schedule and time for leisure. We work 4 10 hour days and everyone gets a 3 day weekend.

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