3 Ways A Shuffleboard Table can Make Your Workplace More Fun

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WithumSmith+Brown PC has been given an award for having one of the most engaging office spaces in their city. Their design philosophy comes from a plethora of workspace modifications that have transformed their office to be a thrill for all who are employed there. Their content wall, cafeteria, and eco-friendly design have been built to blur traditional mentalities of a business office space. The most exciting feature of their office can be different for each person, but the integration of a shuffleboard table can be extremely impactful to the company’s culture.

By giving employees a chance to bond together, company morale can increase. Having a shuffleboard table will enable executives to benefit the company through inter-office league games, unique contributions to company culture and the chance to enliven a normal work day. The effects of a great office space are not unknown; an article on Forbes claims that having a great company culture can translate into success. With that in mind, we wanted to offer our input on how a Shuffleboard Table can benefit the workplace. Here are three ways in which owning a shuffleboard table can make the workplace more fun and productive.



1. Run an Inter-Office League

Some companies boast of having a large number of offices spread through multiple countries. How many of those employees are connected to offices that are even just a few blocks away? Having a means of bringing employees together can clearly define a company’s image in the mind of its employees. By providing a shuffleboard table to the workplace, people obtain the opportunity to connect with one another. Although having a small gym in an office can be exciting, could someone gather many employees and have a weightlifting contest? This might be hard to pull off, but employees can be grouped up and given the chance to bond and have fun over a shuffleboard table. Unique teams can form between employees, and they can be given the chance to play games on a weekly basis.

2. Put Your Company Logo on the Shuffleboard Table

Logos can enhance a company’s image through the emotion that it can convey. If your business does not yet own a logo, having a good one can increase the bottom line. This image of the company, its logo, can be put onto the shuffleboard table. A normal piece of game equipment will suddenly develop a whole new meaning. Just like owning company pens, having a company logo on a shuffleboard table can give a sense of belonging to all those who play on it. We have all heard of company T-shirts, so owning a company shuffleboard table can provide a healthy sense of pride.

3. Host Regular “Hangouts” on Fridays for Casual Networking

Finally, regular events that allow people to connect with one another are crucial to establish a thriving business culture. Owning a shuffleboard table will enable employees to bond and have fun together. Some people can’t make trips outside of the office due to a multiplicity of reasons. Having a means that can enable a large part of the office to connect with one another could make the workplace more enjoyable. Since almost anyone can play with a shuffleboard table, everyone will feel welcomed. Giving employees the opportunity to network over a friendly office game can improve company morale and make them more excited to come to work.


In conclusion, having a shuffleboard table in the workplace provides a host of great benefits. Employees will understand the value of each other through bonds forged over weighted pucks and endless games enjoyed together. Since a shuffleboard table isn’t meant to be played alone, employees will be encouraged to gather around in groups. A shuffleboard table brings together three crucial elements that an activity must have to positively benefit the workplace: accessibility, fun, and affordability. While employees can bond over a lot of things, a shuffleboard table is unique. As a competitive game, it will allow employees to play and have fun together.

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