Why Direct-to-Consumer Businesses are Winning in the Marketplace

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Direct-to-Consumer business occurs when the maker of a product sells it directly to customers (typically through e-commerce) without using wholesalers, distributors, and other resellers.

This form of business is becoming increasingly lucrative because of the benefits and extra value received by customers. Without middlemen to increase prices along the way, consumers only pay for the value of a product. The manufacturer also has the opportunity to provide a better experience for customers because they aren’t relying on someone else’s store to make policies and treat customers well

A great example of a winning Direct-to-Consumer brand is Todd Shelton. Todd Shelton is an American fashion brand that manufactures its clothing in-house with two expert seamstresses. They don’t use wholesalers or sell products in traditional retail stores. Instead, all purchases are made online and shipped directly to the person who will wear their jeans. This allows Todd Shelton to focus on quality and provide each person with premium service. If you shop ToddSehlton.com, you’ll find a free fit-recommendation tool and that someone follows up with you to ensure you’re happy with your purchase. If your jeans need to be tailored to fit better, they can be shipped back and adjusted by the same expert seamstress that made them originally. Todd Shelton also offers custom orders – something that couldn’t be done using traditional supply chains.

Did You Know? The area of Northern New Jersey where we’re located is the only area in the United States with a concentrated number of men’s shirt makers. There’s five total – and we’re one of five.

Outside of this area, we know of one shirt maker in Texas, one in North Carolina, one in Massachusetts, one in Pennsylvania, and one in Ohio. That’s all.

This past week one of the New Jersey shirt makers closed its doors. It’s sad news. With minimum wages rising to $15 per hour and no trade protections – others will fall, it’s only a matter of time. It’s getting lonelier as a clothing manufacturer in the USA.


McClure Shuffleboards are also sold directly to consumers. We operate this way because we don’t want wholesalers and other stores marking up the shuffleboards and charging customers more than the tables are worth. Just like Todd Shelton, we focus on quality and offer premium customer service. We get to work with each customer to provide exactly what they are looking for. Shuffleboards can be custom made, delivered and installed. We also cover our shufflebaord tables with an unbeatable warranty, which wouldn’t be possible if we sold through resellers. Selling directly to consumers also allows us to provide accessories (wax, cleaning supplies, etc.) that are guaranteed to be safe for use on the shuffleboard tables. If customers have questions, they can contact us directly for answers. You’ll deal directly with us during the lifetime of your shuffleboard table.

Now, there are advantages to buying certain products through online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Trying to purchase toothpaste or shampoo directly from a manufacturer would prove to be difficult (although the direct-to-consumer trend is even making it’s way into these industries). However, when it comes to high-quality items like furniture, shuffleboards, or even your favorite fitting jeans, there are clear advantages to buying from a direct-to-consumer business. 

The bottom line when it comes to shuffleboard table and resellers

You’ll receive much more value when you purchase directly from the maker. Resellers will charge more and won’t have the same level of product knowledge. The reseller may not even have any warranties or provide proper delivery and setup of your items. The retailer could also sell you accessories or add-ons that could damage your shuffleboard play surface.

We support the direct-to-consumer business model and highly recommend that you consider shopping brands that do the same; especially for high-quality items. 

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