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Tony Finishes all tables by hand. Even the bottoms of this dinning top accessory get the same hand touch

Handcrafted for Less

The models in our new line of Handcrafted Production Run shuffleboard tables are ready to ship.  These tables are, indeed, handcrafted, yet built in production runs of 10 or more to cut production costs. This lets us offer them to you at the best price possible. You will find the same high quality craftsmanship and materials you have come to expect from McClure Tables, America’s finest shuffleboard manufacturer. Just at discounted prices. Check out Tables in stock at McClure Tables’ new web site. You will not find a finer table for a comparable price anywhere! Now we have consolidated our limited production run tables with custom made tables at wholesale. You can still have a table made just in the size and finish that you want at a wholesale direct to consumer price. We have put all of them in one section on the main site 

McClure Tables crafts each shuffleboard table by hand. Then they are finished, and closely inspected by our team of highly skilled and dedicated woodworking artisans. Our 18,000 square foot facility is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids has a rich history of fine woodworking craftsmanship. We were once known as the furniture capital of America. This history of excellence goes into every item we build, refinish, or repair.

Sugar or Hard Maple

Handcrafted at Home

We are one of the very few shuffleboard manufactures located where the hardwoods grow. Michigan is the worlds largest producer of hard maple. Maple is the go to wood for all our play boards and cabinets. McClure makes all its shuffleboard playing surfaces with Michigan hard maple. This provides the highest quality and beauty. Then we coat the boards with an ultra-durable acrylic finish. The McClure standard of excellence ensures your shuffleboard table will stand up to decades of exciting game-play.

You can learn more about McClure’s new ready to ship shuffleboard tables on the McClure Tables website.

Interested in a shuffleboard table but not sure which model is right for you? You can view all of McClure’s shuffleboard tables on the company website, or check out our Buyers’ Guide to help find the perfect table for your home or business.

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